Below is a listing of all the releases that feature my music. Click the covers to get to the website where you can download or buy that release.

You can find my entire discography on Discogs as well!

Albums & EPs

Horus / Charm EP
EP (2 tracks)
3/03, 2019

Two tracks composed in 2018 that kinda belong together!

5ynergy - 5th Anniversary EP
EP (5 tracks)
Dec 1, 2018

Originally planned as a Kickstarter project with even more music, I ended up releasing this with tracks from the pre Spectral Flux times!

Spectral Flux
Album (9 tracks)
Neogoa Records
June 15, 2018

More of a compilation of tracks from different production phases starting 2015, this contains some real gems!

Album (10 tracks)
Neogoa Records
July 1, 2016

An attempt to capture my dancefloor experiences from various parties and festivals all over Europe in the mid-2010s!

Compilation Appearances

Mycken (Blue)
The Chaos That Be
Schlabbaduerst ReKkords
Oct 23, 2021

A track from the "Energy" era that found its home at Schlabbaduerst ReKkords – who saw that one coming?

Hidden Energy
Voyager 2
The Techno's Children
Jul 5, 2021

First showing of my newer productions after a longer hiatus, this features four tracks in different styles of trance music!

BGF Chronicles
Silent Spring
Neogoa Records
Jul 14, 2017

The release to accompany the legendary Balkan Goa Fanatics festival by the sea on Lošinj island, Croatia!

Dimensional Gateway 4
Neogoa Records
Feb 16, 2017

From Neogoa's legendary Dimensional Gateway series!

Phases of Madness
Goa Madness Records
Jan 1, 2017

Packed compilation featuring tracks from Denshi Danshi, Morphic Resonance, Triquetra, Ephedra, Lunar Dawn, M-Run and more! Fun fact: this is my only track on Spotify.

Goa Trance Revolution 2
Lepton Head (Remix)
Goa Trance Music
Dec 15, 2016

Compiled by Joost and myself, this compilation is a journey from oldschool to newschool, featuring past, established and future names!

Island of Misfit Grooves
Thaumic Records
Mar 26, 2016

A benefit release featuring a number of different styles!

Planet Discovery
Goa Galaxy
Sep 9, 2015

Featuring tracks from Lunar Dawn, Imba, KhetzaL and more!

Translinguistic Perceptions
Visionary Shamanics
Mar 10, 2015

Not my best experience to be honest, but a little preview on my first album "Energy" nonetheless!

Celestial Transvibrations
Quantum Conundrum
Neogoa Records
Dec 23, 2014

My first ever release on a compilation featuring then upcoming names such as Proxeeus and Arronax!